10 Natural Home Remedies For Involuntary Semen Leakage

How To Cure Spermatorrhea Naturally?
The medical term for semen leakage is spermatorrhea which is involuntary discharge of semen without a strong sexual stimulation. Moreover, this reproductive disorder can be explained as a disorder in which an individual experiences uncontrollable and involuntary seminal discharge.
Spermatorrhea is nothing but fluid release without an orgasm. The slightest of erection or slightest provocation can lead to a seminal leakage. It is associated with the nervous system. It may also happen while passing stool too. 
It is similar to nocturnal emission. In fact nocturnal emissions can turn intospermatorrhea. The only difference between nocturnal emissions and spermatorrhea is that this condition is not associated to dreams and not limited to night.
Spermatorrhea happens most commonly in adolescence. In this stage the hormone levels increase which increase the semen production too. The excess semen is discharged by the body. It is common in men who are not sexually active, especially in young men.
The term spermatorrhoea in its restricted sense suggests the condition in which involuntary seminal losses occur frequently that create a morbid state. This is the greatest worry for the young men.
Chronic spermatorrhea may lead to fatigue, general weakness, body ache specially knee pain and low back ache, irritability, dark spots below the eyes and hair fall. The sexual consequnces of seminal leakage are even more horrible. While more than 90% of patients having spermatorrhea develop premature ejaculation almost half of them may be affected by erectile dysfunction and impotence.
What causes involuntary ejaculation? 
Nonetheless, there are no exact causes for this disorder but, habit of masturbation is considered as one of the leading causes for developing involuntary seminal discharge. 
Males, who engage in frequent masturbation, are likely to suffer from weakness in penile region. It is called spermatorrhea. It also leads to various sexual disorders such as involuntary ejaculation during sleep and low libido. As a result, you cannot enjoy intimate moments with your beautiful female. 
However, certain medical complications can also result in involuntary discharge of seminal fluid. In particular, patients of prostate disorders are more prone to lose seminal fluid involuntarily. in these cases there is always an inflammation or infection of the urethra, seminal vesicles or prostate.
Some of the reasons behind this condition are Fatigue, Weakness, Lethargy, Enlarged prostate gland, Low libido and Poor hormonal secretion. The weak nervous system is also stated as an important reason behind involuntary ejaculation. 
Semen leakage can be normal, though it can sometimes be messy and uncomfortable. If you’re a young man, you may grow out of it. If you've noticed a change in the amount or frequency of semen leakage or other changes in your ejaculation, take note and talk to your doctor.
When talking about natural ways to stop involuntary ejaculation of semen, there are natural treatments for this condition. The good news for men looking for natural treatment for spermatorrhea is that there are natural home remedies to help them solve this issue. 
These natural home remedies have many healthy ingredients in the form of natural herbs that play a major role in curing all the underlying reasons behind the involuntary ejaculation. 
Some of widely used and trusted natural home remedies for spermatorrhea are given below:

How To Cure Spermatorrhea Naturally?

Natural Home Remedy 1

  • 50 gm ---- Bitter Apple/Bitter cucumber 
  • 50 gm ---- Bitter Aloes 


Pound well and make pills in chickpea size and preserve in a glass jar. Take one pill in the morning and one pill at evening along with a glass fresh water for one month. This remedy is highly beneficial in dealing with spermatorrhoea.

Natural Home Remedy 2

  • 60 gm ---- Sweet Violet
  • 60 gm ---- Red Rose
  • 12 gm ---- Senna leaves
  • 1 kg ---- Taranjebin manna/Persian manna/ Camel's Thorn
  • 50 ml ---- Water


Boil all dried herbs in water until reduced by ¼ now rub and strain. Mix Persian manna and simmer on low heat until form in dense syrup let it cool and fill in glass bottle. Stir 12-36 gm in a glass of water and drink once a day. This natural remedy is highly effective for Safravi (bilious) temperament patients of speamthorea.

Natural Home Remedy 3

  • 200 gm ---- Tamarind seeds kernels roasted flour
  • 125 gm ---- Salep Orchid
  • 40 gm ---- Water chestnut/Water caltrop (dried)  


Make fine and smooth powder of all and store in a glass jar. Take ½ teaspoons along with a glass of fresh water thrice a day. This is a proven natural remedy to cure spermatorrhoea.

Natural Home Remedy 4

  • 1 kg ---- Emblica goose berry Murabba
  • 1 kg ---- Chebulic Myrobalan Murabba
  • 250 gm ---- Beleric Myrobalan Murabba
  • 375 gm ---- Black Musale
  • 375 gm ---- Red Sage
  • 2 kg ---- Sugar
  • 1 kg ---- Water


Take Triphala (Amla, Hareer, Bahera) Murabbas remove from sugar syrup and crush them. Make syrup with water and sugar let cool. Now make a fine and smooth powder to mix with crushed Murabbas and sugar syrup. Refrigerate this mixture take 12-36 gm along with a cup of lukewarm milk in the morning and before going to sleep. This natural remedy is guaranteed to work in treating involuntary ejaculation of semen.

Natural Home Remedy 5

  • 360 gm ---- Black gram husked/skinned
  • 120 gm ---- White poppy seeds
  • 360 gm ---- Butter Oil
  • 60 gm ---- Almond kernels
  • 120 gm ---- Coriander seeds kernels
  • 60 gm ---- Black Chebulic Myrobalan 
  • 60 gm ---- Yellow Chebulic Myrobalan 


Soak black gram husked and poppy seeds in water overnight. Next morning strain and make pastes separately. Now fry in butter both then make fine powders of remains and mix well with them. Take 12 gm along with lukewarm milk in the morning. This is trial and tested natural treatment for spermatorrhoea.

Natural Home Remedy 6

  • 100 gm ----Areca catechu Flower
  • 100 gm ---- Axle-wood Tree Flower
  • 100 gm ---- Silk Cotton Tree Gum
  • 400 ---- Rock candy/Loaf sugar


Make fine and smooth powder of all and preserve in a glass container. Take 10 gm along with a glass of lukewarm cow’s milk on an empty stomach. This natural remedy is a sure cure for spermatorrhea.

Natural Home Remedy 7

  • 12 gm ---- White Musale
  • 24 gm ---- Salep Orchid
  • 36 gm ---- Wild Parsnip
  • 48 gm ---- Tragacanth gum
  • 60 gm ---- Psyllium Husk


Make fine and smooth powder of all and store in a glass container. Add 36 gm this powder in ½ kg milk and cook until thick. Eat on an empty stomach daily for one month. This natural remedy offers an effective cure spermatorrhea.  

Natural Home Remedy 8

  • 25 gm ---- Asparagus
  • 25 gm ---- Small wood rose
  • 25 gm ---- Tamarind seeds kernels
  • 25 gm ---- Velvet Bean/Cowitch seeds


Make fine and smooth powder of all and preserve in a glass jar. Take ½ teaspoon with a glass of lukewarm milk before breakfast and dinner. This is marvelous natural home remedy for involuntary seminal discharge.

Natural Home Remedy 9

  • 50 ---- Edible Silver leaves
  • 50 gm ---- Psyllium husk
  • 50 gm ---- Cardamoms
  • 50 gm ---- White Musale
  • 50 gm ---- Rock candy/Loaf sugar


Make fine and smooth powder of all and save in a glass container. Take ½ teaspoon with a cup of lukewarm milk in the morning and evening. This is strongly recommended natural home remedy for all male sexual problems specially spermatorrhoea.

Natural Home Remedy 10

  • 20 gm ---- Corchorus Depressus
  • 25 gm ---- White Behen
  • 25 gm ---- Ceylon Cinnamon/True Cinnamon
  • 25 gm ---- Asparagus
  • 150 gm ---- Rock candy/Loaf sugar


Make fine and smooth powder of all and store in a glass jar. Take ½ teaspoon with a glass of lukewarm milk in the morning and evening. This is an excellent natural home remedy for seminal discharge.
Natural Home Remedies
Natural Home Remedies